The only step you will need to create your anime autoblog!

Steps to get started with AnimeAPI

  1. Purchase the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin from CodeCanyon (currently 69$). This will be your only expense when working with this API. It will be a one time purchase (not subscription).
  2. Use the purchase code you will get, to generate your API key for AnimeAPI, here.
  3. Add the API key in the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin’s settings.
  4. Start using the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin together with the AnimeAPI.
  5. Profit.

Alternatively, if you need more API calls than the 50 daily API call limit provided by the above method, you can also subscribe to AnimeAPI on RapidAPI. You will be able to benefit of custom subscriptions with variable features and API call count.

OK, but why AnimeAPI?

This breakthrough API combined with the power of the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin, will create self-updating anime sites and will drive 100% free traffic.

AnimeAPI is a simple, easy-to-use REST API that returns JSON search results for new and old anime, published by over 500 worldwide anime source websites.

You can get access to the API, by purchasing the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin and using the purchase code you will get, to generate an API key for AnimeAPI.


Steps for success:

  1. Upload the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin & select a theme you wish to use on your WordPress site
  2. Customize your very own passive income Anime sites with full episodes, by following the step-by-step guides
  3. Add affiliate links and payed ads to the content. Rinse and repeat for the next site you will create

Get Full Access To AnimeAPI Now

  • Instantly create MULTIPLE set & forget passive income streams
  • Retrieve anime with full episodes from websites across the entire internet with our JSON API
  • This API, combined with the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin completely AUTOMATES your traffic and anime importing


Get your ticket to use this API

To get started you need to purchase the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin. Afterwards, using the purchase code provided with the plugin, you will be able to get an API key for AnimeAPI.

API keys are fully free if you have a purchase code for the plugin. You can get your own API key, here.