This is a new API for getting anime with full details and episodes. New content is added regularly to it. Access to this API can be obtained if you purchase the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin from CodeCanyon. This API allows the plugin to programmatically retrieve data and interact with multiple anime listing sources from all over the world. The anime are categorized by genre, status and release date. Other info are title, description, featured image and full episode list with multiple embed source listings. Requests to AnimeAPI are throttled at a reasonable rate — you will be allowed to get 50 API requests each day.

More about the API

API key based authentication is required for each request you make. API keys can be generated here, based on your purchase code for the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin.

Do you want to say thanks?

If you find this useful and would like to use it, please do. If you want to say “thanks”, please provide a link to my homepage, to the Ultimate Anime Scraper plugin or to AnimeAPI.

What features would you like to see next in the API?

Feel free to send me your update tips for new features which you would like to be added into the API, to my email: